Free spins are the holy grail of online casino bonuses. These special bonuses are meant just for online slot machines and usually, a batch of free spins only works for one specific slot. For example, you might see an offer for 100 free spins for Mega Fortune Dreams – in that case, the offer applies just for the Mega Fortune Dreams slot.

Though bonus money seems like a better offer due to the monetary sum and versatility, free spins are still much sought-after bonuses for a few reasons (which we explain further below).

Free Spins are Easy to Find

Many casinos offer free spins very freely, giving them away as a part of a welcome bonus or just as regular bonuses. Sometimes, you can easily grab 100-300 free spins without much effort.

Almost all casinos offer hundreds of free spins regularly, some of them even without requiring a deposit. So, as you see, free spins are incredibly easy to find and won’t require too much effort on your side.

Free Spins Introduce New Games

All casinos have hundreds of slots, so it’s easy to get lost in such a vast selection. Clearly, no one has enough funds to try out each and every one of those. But this is where free spins come in handy.

Free spins give you an excellent chance to try out games you wouldn’t normally notice. Often, free spins are offered as an incentive for players to try out new slots: this is the casino’s way to promote new games and find fans for a recently released game. So, in a way, casinos need players to try new games and review the slots. That’s how online slots work!

Free Spins Can Bring Great Wins

Online slots are loved because of the adrenaline rush and a chance to win big: progressive jackpots can easily amount to millions of dollars. In April 2021, Mega Moolah jackpot got triggered at about 19 million euros. It’s easy to see why slots are so fascinating. Every gambler wishes to trigger that kind of a life-changing jackpot!

Free spins are often tied to various conditions that prohibit bonus rounds of triggering but nevertheless, you can still easily win great sums with free spins, even if you can’t expect to win jackpots.

Free Spins Have Better Terms and Conditions

All free spins are tied to terms and conditions. Usually, you can expect to see a wagering requirement which applies to any winnings received while using the free spins. However, free spins can also come wager-free and those are the exact bonuses to look for.

Often, free spins have more lax terms than bonus money as free spins are more restricted, in general (considering that free spins apply to just one game). Bonus money is essentially still “free money” you can spend on tens of different games. Thus, free spins can be far more lucrative, term-wise.

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